Planning for MI Coast to Coast - June 2021

Happy New Year! As I lean into 2021, I have my eyes set on successfully completing the Michigan Coast to Coast Gravel Grinder on June 26th.

-I completed a similar event, DK in 2019.
-My current FTP is higher than when I completed DK.
-I currently average 8-13h/week of training (last 45 days after completing Loudoun 1725 80 miler on 10/25 and then having a layoff).
-I just started squatting, deadlifting 1-2x/week.-I can complete push ups using push up stands in the following sequence with a 30 sec. RBI: 30, 15, 15.

I have had recent success (e.g., higher threshold, lower HR, less drift) following a Polarized Plan that includes 2-3 endurance sessions (.7-.75 IF) for 2.5 - 3.25h/week. [The recent gains are also impacted by having more consistency this year.]
I have also been completing 2 interval sessions (e.g., 4x8 min) per week.

SST worked for DK (60 min [2 30m intervals] , and 100 min [2 30m and 1 40m interval], but eventually left me smashed the last 2-3 weeks due to a lack of recovery time. Recovery time was negatively impacted by work and life in 2019. This should be less of an issue in 2021.

My thought at this point would be to follow the polarization another two blocks (e.g., January - February) and then flip to SST for Mar-May, which creates about ~2 week taper assuming the last block bleeds into June. I’m basing this on my polarization research and the thought of adding more race specific training as I approach the event.

Please advise an approach.

Thanks in advance.

Paging Coach @Jake as he has done the Michigan Coast to Coast Ride

For training build as big of a base as you can [raise CTL using the PMC Chart] with our sweet spot plans and then switch over to our Gravel Plan for the final 6 weeks before your event’s date.

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@Jake @FRANK

Afternoon. I am ready to purchase a plan. I believe SST 4 + Gravel Hilly Advanced are the final 2 blocks for me to prepare for the MI Coast to Coast on 6/26. I will complete the Loudoun 1725 on 6/13 in Middleburg, VA as a B Race/Simulation. Please review below and provide a recommendation.


Current Stats (just finished a Regeneration Week):
Fitness (87), Fatigue (85), Form (5)

3 Weeks On | 1 Regeneration Week
High Z2, Low Z3 [75-85%] + 2x/week Z5 (4 x 8m - 105% )…added some 90-91% Intervals recently to test the waters.
Squat 2x/week
Sleep pretty well and nutrition is working; north of 50 so I recognize that recovery will take longer.

Avg. Monthly TSS: 2341 (Nov - Mar)
Monthly Riding Hours: 40 (Nov.), 41, 46, 42, 44 (March…excl. this week) [all trainer]
Threshold has increased 8 bpm along with my FTP.

X-nay the squats - save those for your off season - next October/November.

Once you get into the plan all you have to do is FtFP and we’ve done all the design, simple!

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Okay coach. Thanks for the feedback and recommendation.



I purchased SST-4, but did not receive the Training Peaks link to my existing account that uses the same email address.

Please advise.

FasCat - Order 62244

Hey @hoodkj - I pushed that plan your way earlier this morning. Let me know if you still have yet to see it for some reason!

I got it. Thanks for pushing to me.

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