Best Plan for 210 Mile Gravel Race

I’m looking for some insight as to what plan to purchase next.

I’m filling in my schedule for the 2022 race calendar and I have a question as to what Training Plan best suits a 210 mile gravel race in June 2022. Currently I’m in the middle of the 16 week off season (weight+base) which will finish early February.

What plan would be best suited to gain enough fitness for this race? Goal is to finish strong, since this will be my longest ride and just looking not to blow up. I also have some other shorter/faster 35 mile events as part of the Michigan Gravel Races Series on my calendar in March/April which I will be looking to compete.

I worked with the Gravel in season plan and climbing plan last year with great results, but I’m not sure this will have enough long rides to prep for the 210 mile event.


That is a doozie!

Do our Gravel Plan after your 16 weeks of sweet spot plan and adjust the simulation rides that are on Saturday to 50% - 75% of the time it will take you to do the 210!

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Thanks for the feedback Frank!

Yeah, its the Coast 2 Coast in Michigan. Starts at Lake Huron and finishes at Lake Michigan. Looking forward to it.

Again, much appreciated!


Ask Coach @Jake about the Coast 2 Coast ride - he’s done it!