Plan timing for 2021

I’m planning out next season and after listening to a few podcasts wanted some feedback on timing. Haven’t had a chance to listen to the switching from base to race podcast. Some background: live in NorCal and plan to start racing masters 55+ around the first week of March 2021. Currently have the following on my TP calendar:

  • 10 week weight lifting for cycling starting Monday July 6 2020 thru Sunday Sept 13th
  • 18 weeks of sweet spot starting Monday Sept 14 2020 thru Sunday Jan 17th
  • 6 weeks of intervals starting Monday Jan 18 2021 thru Sunday Feb 28th

That has me finishing the road racing intervals by the first week of March. Have only been riding for 4 years, the timing of that progression seems right to my eye based on what I learned in Friel’s book.

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Before you begin to lay out 2021 - man, get busy on 2020 - the year is young! And the racing and training you do this year will set you up for 2021.

I admire the advanced planning, but dang - it is too early. Focus on this year. Break it up into seasons - late Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall + Off Season.

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Hey Frank thanks and yes I’m going to do the best I can to salvage this season. A little frustrated, had to reboot training twice since doing a major restart around Sept 1. This reboot is starting with week 5 of the 18 week sweet spot. Got fire in my belly and wanting to play the long game. Great group rides ahead, cleared for takeoff :crossed_fingers:t3:and ready to roll :biking_man:t3:‍♂

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