Vote for your Cycling Kit preference

Well its that time of the year, to vote on your cycling kit preference. Vote for the brand below an we’ll take these into consideration when putting the next FasCat Kit order together. Think in terms of late April, more realistically May for delivery.

Vote for your Cycling Kit
  • Cuore
  • Castelli
  • Rapha
  • Eliel
  • MAAP
  • Velocio
  • Something else? Type Below

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Sportful is also AMAZING for gravel :wink:

I like Sportful and find the extra pockets on the back great for stuffing my gel/bar wrappers, but even at 6’ tall and 188 lbs, I have a hard time even squeezing my thunder thighs into their XXL bibs. On the other hand, it does serve a motivation for Winning in the Kitchen!

I just checked, Sportful does custom so we’ll add that to the list:

ExcelSports sells Sportful and I have two pairs of winter gloves that are really good. One pair for sub 45 degrees and one pair for 45-65 degrees.

Giordana has been my favourite this year and they do custom gear

Can’t recommend Eliel enough, great stuff.

And a US company and made in CA.


Pactimo, a local Colorado company


I heard the announcement that Sportful was chosen. A great choice. Will there be a CX race suit option?

Le Col is my preference.

They were a front runner but tried the samples and we are back to the proverbial drawing board

My club just switched from Castelli to Cuore and we are quite satisficed. The quality matches Castelli and at least for club type orders and they offer some custom tailoring options like sleeve and hem lengths., Cuore was easier to work with, both during the design phase and ordering and quicker. Also Cuore has lower minimums which for us lets us do more orders during the season.

We have been with Cuore for 3 years prior to last year - I love them and they are local with our friends as account managers.

Plus their wintertime long sleeve jersey and thermal vest are my favs


I have had the best fitting kit from Sportful. really like it.


I think Sportful makes quality stuff, but at 6’ tall, 188 lbs, with a 34 inch waist, I barely fit into their XXL bibs. I also have to size up in their jersey. Granted, I’m a guy who often has a hard time getting relaxed fit jeans that accommodate my thighs. But again, I think their stuff is good and I’m sure folks with the right body dimensions really like their kit.

Velocio is offering a very “body positive” range of sizes from XS to XXXL. I’m on the borderline between their L and XL size bibs and really like the pair that I have.

Any update on when the new kits might be available? All this trainer time has me in need of some new bibs! Looking forward to repping FasCat outdoors. Thanks.