Ask a FasCat # 12 Podcast 📡 is LIVE

Thank you to everyone that submitted a training question - @Jackson and I really enjoyed these episodes.

We’d like to congratulate @mcneese.chad for the most thoughtful question - email us your mailing address along with your jersey and bib size

  • hope its not large (we are sold out - medium and small only)

Here’s the podcast


Thanks for the great response to my question. You guys hit it from all the angles I would have hoped. I figured there weren’t really any “shortcuts” to the best gains, but the ideas are solid for getting into a worthwhile setup with minimal cost.

Now I need to consider the options and start making a plan. I have a partial basement remodel in progress, which is aimed at moving my indoor riding and treadmill setup into a larger space. I will see what I can incorporate for strength training based on your suggestions. I hope to make a mini gym for cycling and general fitness use for my wife and I. I think this gives me what I need to put together a great setup.

I am thrilled to have been chosen for the prize package. I am usually a size Small for bibs and jersey from Pearl Izumi. I will double check my sizing with their charts to get my official size and shipping address to you. Thanks so much for such an impressive gift package!!! :smiley:


Thanks so much for the very detailed and thoughtful response to my question. It really helped me a lot to think about my nutrition and how everything fits together. I really liked Frank’s and Jackson’s point that eating more will allow me to naturally go harder and burn even more calories, and so I should not fear having “too much” carbs. Haven’t seen too many chipotle burritos in Denmark :smiley:

This was my first season doing structured training on the bike, although I come from running, it’s hard to find another sport that you can do a workout that burns >3000 calories.

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