Optimize Double Logging My Rides

Sorry if this is already addressed…still getting used to everything!

Synced Devices at this point: my Garmin watch, my Wahoo kickr, my Zwift acct

At the end of a day that had a ride scheduled, my OTS gets doubled up cuz it logs the same ride twice. For example, yesterday’s OTS is 144 because it’s calculating two rides of OTS 72.

I’ve tried toggling back and forth thru the different synced devices. But, it seems to be a case where either no ride gets logged or double the ride gets logged.

What’s the trick?


If you are syncing Zwift to your Garmin account, and tracking your Zwift ride with watch, it is probably pulling in from both places.
My zwift rides upload to Garmin, and I track with my computer as well, just incase something crashes. I always end up with two of the same rides/workouts in Garmin & TrainingPeaks so I’ve gotten into the habit of deleting one after each workout. I would guess Optimize is doing the same, importing both files of the same ride.

That sounds like what I did.
Trying to figure out what the recipe is to get just one ride logged….

First try: unsync’ing my Garmin from the Zwift Connections page.

This should allow outside rides (Garmin Edge or Fenix) to go to Optimize. But, my Garmins push to TP. So, I wonder if Optimize will take the ride from the Garmin device and then, also, take the same ride from TP after the Garmin pushed the ride over to it🤷‍♂️.

Will let you know.

Apologies for this - best to only record with one device until we have the delete a workout feature (which is actually happening fairly soon)

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I don’t think Optimize communicates with TP. I think all your data is coming from Garmin.

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Thx but no apologies needed!

Just evolving tech stuff. The priority is the work. The rest of this stuff is cake💪

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