Freestyle TSS rides- counting TiZ

“Freestyle Sweetspot TSS” rides are one of the greatest ideas I’ve ever come across.
Let’s say I was heading out to accumulate 2hrs in perhaps a 3h ride.
What would be the best way to capture the TiZ on my headunit?
Laps and then add up the time?
Another metric?

I experimented with “non zero averaging” the other day and that seemed quite handy. I could literally just coast when I had to stop for a junction etc and know the (lack of) power wasn’t being added to the rolling average. But of course, I had no idea what my time actually at that number was.
I also tried Garmin’s Time in Zone counter but it seemed ridiculously hard to actually get time in within a 10w range :rofl:

Any handy hints (or Garmin connect IQ apps?) for getting one nice succinct TiZ number?


Glad you like this style of training @Crosshair

Rather than TiZ** think in terms of the amount of work you do as measured by OTS and TSS.

If you do the work - you spent time in the zone. If you did the work in the duration prescribed - you 100% sweet spotted

** the TiZ bins are highly inaccurate for variable power - so I think you’ll have a hard time finding them accurate or useful.

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