Noob!how (best way) to transfer workout

Is there an app for your phone that would allow you to download the Cycling Workouts and follow the plan while you’re riding outside. I currently have Zwift and a turbo trainer and it works great while riding inside. When I ride outside I normally use Strava or the Wahoo app. It would be nice to follow the work out while riding out doors. I know a wahoo element would do the job I’m trying to do it cheaper at this moment.

Hi @cliffkroening - try the TrainingPeaks app and your training plan and workout is always on your phone.

You will still need to go OG and keep track of time and pedal hard/easier per the prescribed workout per day of the plan.

So we can use training peaks as the picture of the workout but use another way to track time, watts and hard or easy cadance.

Thank you.

You’ll need to get a bike computer for that. In this podcast we go thru our favorite ones: