No TSS for power faze

Hi… I purchased the 32 week winter plan with weights but noticed that there is no TSS for the weights faze of the plan, is there a reason for this as it is still a training work out which still accumulates fatigue build up…

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We don’t assign TSS for weight workouts, that’s correct.

That’s because TSS as a metric is designed to account for the aerobic/metabolic stress accumulated during endurance exercise, not the very different type of stress the body goes through during weight training. TSS and the Performance Management Chart are fantastic tools but they’re designed for a specific purpose and we think trying to make them fit everything waters them down. And it’s not just us; Frank was involved in the development of the PMC and this was the consensus of Dr. Coggan and the others involved in it’s development.

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^^ Coach @Christian is right - TSS was only developed for aerobic adaptations and unfortunately not strength.

Perhaps a future, new and improved TSS could be with @williamblack 's weighted TSS for long rides and a strength training TSS like metric that is additive to the existing TSS.

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