Training Without Power In Winter


During winter here in MN, I do at least two endurance fat bike rides on weekends (weather permitting anythingh above 10F). These rides are anywhere from 2-4 hrs in length. My fat bike does not have a power meter, will HR TSS suffice if a training plan calls for weekend riding in power zones? I personally dont like to do endurance riding for roughly 3 hrs on Zwift/trainer.

Looking foward to starting my first fascat plan in a few weeks, 3 weeks of off season foundation muscle work to start preparing for 2021.

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Yes heart rate TSS will be just fine. Going out on a fat bike in the winter is a great way to get those endurance paced miles. Much better than riding an indoor trainer and getting burnt out on that. Your heart rate along with perceived exertion will be a good indication of the effort.