No Mans Land - What to Do?

Started the 32 week Off-season Plan at the end of September. Saw a 5% increase in FTP upon completion of the Resistance Training. Looking forward to doing another FTP test at end of February. I’m planning on doing the BWR San Diego on July 18th. I purchased the Gravel Plan which is set up to begin on June 7th. I’ll finish Sweet Spot III the first week of May, leaving me with 4 weeks between the end of SS III and the beginning of the Gravel plan. Any recommendations on what I should do in this No Mans Land, Thanks again, Love the plans, Love the Podcast, Love the Training tips. FTFP Bob

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Thanks for the kudos @robert.hanlon_jr - thanks for listening and being on our plans!

I think Sweet Spot 4 would be a great choice for your 4 weeks in May:

The VO2’s will for sure help you at the BWR in July!