Should I replace my field test?

Hey all,

I am starting my first week of Sweet Spot 2 this week. I had been using Trainerroad and had gone through their Sweet Spot Base 1 plan, then started their phase 2. However, I had been looking at FasCat for a while and liked that it was more easily translatable to outdoor riding (not to mention Training Peaks and a more holistic approach, among other reasons). I had taken a ramp test and got an FTP of 293, while a Zwift crit race had given me an FTP of 304 according to their software and Intervals.ICU, so it seemed that the 293 would be pretty accurate according to the competitive boost that I would have gotten.

Since I was already 3 weeks into their part 2, I was wondering if it would be better to take the field test again or replace it with another workout since I just tested 3 weeks ago and felt pretty good at the 293 FTP. I’m sure it couldn’t hurt to test again but wondered if it might be more productive to keep my CTL up until a prescribed rest week, especially since my subscription to TR ran out on Friday so I spent this weekend just doing some fun Z2 rides with a buddy without a ton of TSS.

Thanks for any thoughts and I am really looking forward to FTFPing!


Hiya @shawn.maher - welcome to the Coalition and I think you have your FTP set fairly close so can begin to move on and as you astutely noted, increase that CTL :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Monitor your FTP along the way, especially from your Saturday Sweet Spot Rides:


To piggy back on coach @FRANK , since you have already done an FTP test you can take out the 20 min field test tomorrow and replace it with a 2x20 min threshold workout :slight_smile:


Thanks, Frank! I’m excited for the plan and even more excited since I can jump in right away. Love the way it has structure but still lets you have a lot of fun riding your bike. And that link is super helpful, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the data.

That was my next question! Thanks, Lacey, I appreciate it!