Do gravel bikes feel a bit dull and wooden on road?

I’m asking in general ‘as a rule’ terms, as I’m sure there are some exceptions.

My current road bike is a single speed Charge Plug on 32s. Its fine and enjoyable to ride for what it is, but exciting it is not. It can however go pretty much anywhere I need it to.

Im all but sold on a dedicated road bike next as that forms most of my riding these days. But is there a gravel bike that gives the excitement of a road bike on tarmac?

The Cervelo Aspero is actually a pretty fast feeling gravel bike on the road. A lot of gravel bikes will have a longer wheel base making them feel more stable. By doing that it won’t feel as snappy as a shorter wheel based road bike. With the Cervelo you can actually change the rake of the fork with the dropouts. So you can make it longer or shorter. It kind of is more of a road bike made to ride on gravel and trails.

Also the wheels and tires you choose will play a roll in how fast a bike feels. Putting some aero carbon wheels with good road specific tires are going to make it feel faster and a bit more lively.

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I agree with Jake’s points. Another option is a modern carbon cyclocross bike with the gearing you need for your rides. Many have clearance for a 40c tire, too. This would give you the snappy feel and quick handling of a race bike, but enough tire clearance for a gravel tire.

A cross bike + versatile gearing + 3 wheelsets (gravel, road + 'cross) = a gravel bike, a 'cross bike and a road bike all in one!