10% FTP increase after 18 weeks of SweetSpot plan

I’ve been a Fascat plan user since around early 2019 and have done a lot of plans.

During that time, one plan has been a mainstay - 18 weeks of sweetspot. This year, for the first time ever, I did the 10 week resistance plan before moving into it.

Back in January I noticed I was a bit heavier than usual (really indulgent Christmas/New Year) and, when I tested my FTP (I came into the plan in the second phase), ended up being disappointed with the result. I still cracked on with the sweetspot plan and, without dieting and merely eating more sensibly, made sure to FTFP.

I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old, so my training is done almost exclusively through TP/Zwift integration. That means rides of 2 to 3 or more hours indoors have become customary - I’ve learned to love them, or to cope with them at least (anecdotally, I’m now almost level 47 in Zwift).

I’ve just retested in the first week of the hill climb intervals plan and have increased my FTP by 10% (23w) since early January. Given a 3kg weight loss in the same period, I’ve also gone from 3.4w/kg to 3.9w/kg.

Not here to brag; rather, to say that, if you follow these plans, you will get faster. Fascat plans have turned my cycling ability around and, despite losing some focus in 2020 due to the pandemic and races being cancelled, I can only see myself getting stronger and lighter in 2021.

Next stop, 4w/kg and beyond :metal:t2:


Congrats on the gains :muscle: :call_me_hand:

I’m in the process of the doing the 18 week SS plan, as well, currently in wk 6 and noticed some gains while doing my Freestyle sweetspot ride on Sunday, I practically had to hold myself back to ride at the top end of my SS zone and my HR during the workout was steady at the bottom of my SS HR zone and that was indoors as well. Anxious to see the results at the end.



Awesome! We love reading these kinds of posts. Thank you for sharing and great job FTfP’ing!!

-Coach Allie


Keep on keepin on!

-Coach Allie




That’s a great jump @xDOMx! Great time to be coming out of it as well!

I’m interested (as I’m going to start the same plan soon) what your previous training load was like. Has the plan been a significant increase to your usual weekly TSS?

Looking at it, it’ll be a drop in load for me until close to SS Part 3, but wonder if that’s the point!?

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Thanks, @stuart1 and all for the big ups!

As to your question, Stuart, my previous load wasn’t as much as I did the resistance (weight training) plan immediately before.

With that being said, there seemed to me to be a gradual increase in load through the three sub-plans (at the end, it was around 700-800TSS per week).

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