18 week sweetspot vs combine 1,2 and 3

What is the difference between 18 weeks of sweet spot and combining sweet spot 1, 2 and 3

Combing them won’t have the regeneration weeks lined up as well as the 18 week plan. The 18 week plan is one plan. The others are each their own plan. But basically the same workouts and progression.

If you combine remember typically you’d like to have 3 weeks on and 1 week recovery.


AND - the 18 weeks is bundled so cheaper :moneybag:

Where I am struggling with the 18 week sweetspot (I just recently purchased it) is that it appears most of the long workouts on the weekend are assumed to be outdoors. Winter has arrived in my neck of the woods and outdoor rides will be virtually impossible for another 3-4 months and I would like to start the plan now. Do you have any suggestions on how to modify the weekend workouts to trainer sessions? I could make my own workouts in TP I suppose, but then the question remains how do I integrate them with the Fascat plan for the next time I want to re-shedule?

Timing is everything @robin.campbell and that includes timing your long rides an the training plan you choose with your climate.

You can hire a coach to help you with this or you can change the timing of your sweet spot plan to occur later in the season when its more favorable.

Until then we do have a Zwift Indoor/Outdoor plan to help you out:

Here is a thread that may help as well.