Need tip/podcast for altering training for events

Hi all,

I am hoping someone can point me in the direction of information related to altering my training plan to accommodate new events in my schedule. With my A event in May, I structured my calendar such that I am currently following FasCat’s 16-week sweet spot plan which will lead into the climbing plan, ending with a taper for my A event. However, I recently decided to race Rasputitsa in April and the event falls right in the middle of a heavy training week.

My question is: how to I restructure my plan so I am fresh for that event? Do I just skip the workouts that week and do some openers instead? Do I push my schedule forward by one week, though this throws off the timing of my taper in May? This problem would be solved by hiring a coach, but it’s not in the cards for me financially at the moment and I am sure FasCat has done a podcast or post about this at some point that would help me out. Thanks!

Don’t overthink it!

You don’t need a huge taper to be fresh enough for a non-A event. Skip a couple workouts or spin easy, do some openers, and race. Two rest/easy days plus an opener day is plenty.

I’m not familiar with the course, but it’s likely that the training stress from the race will more than make up for a few missed workouts. You can play around in Training Peaks and make sure it looks like your CTL will stay on track.