My ftp is 337w best ten min power 380 w but my best 5 min power is only 420w what does that saying about me !?

Which plan should I do to increase my anaerobic capacity !?(just did a race today and got dropped on first lap :frowning: I’m good at doing sustained efforts , but not up and down ( I was expecting more , my CTL 98 atm )

Dropped in first lap of what? A Road Race or a crit? If it’s a crit and you’re really ready to switch full on to race mode — I’ll bet coaches tell you to add some Tabatas 1-2 times per week now. But I’m not a coach, so curious what they say about your numbers!

ok will do that :slight_smile: another race next Sunday (road race ) you think I should do it and try harder o fully focus on plan and only race after I completed it :slight_smile:

Work on your VO2 and anaerobic capacity (Zone 6) with our road intervals plan :muscle::white_check_mark: Cry in the DoJo to Laugh on the Battlefield