Vo2 workout targets

Hi there. Another fascat noob question. Sorry! I just want to make sure I’m not cutting myself short!

Tomorrow is my first fascat vo2 workout. I’ve read all the instructions to do so. But tomorrow’s workout is only 2 sets of 2x3min. If I check the target wattage on training peaks it is 409 watts.

A few weeks ago i completed a similar workout using a different platform and the requirement was 2 sets of 3x3m at 120%. I over shot that and averaged 441w over the course of all 6 work intervals.

So in my super critical mind, I’m going from 6 intervals now down to 4. Do I just aim for a higher percentage of ftp? It is nice having a baseline target that I know I should be able to complete fairly easily due to a lesser amount of intervals. But I guess my question is, is this detrimental to my training? I don’t want to detrain, but also switched to fascat because I’m tired of feeling over trained. :thinking:

Or is the key to do less intervals, and a higher higher power and quality, and I’m achieving the same benefit?

I’m a stickler for following plans and a perfectionist when it comes to completing my workouts to a “T”.

Go as hard as you can - don’t let the software tell you what you can and can’t do.

Use 441w as a reference to shoot for but still go as hard as you can.


Ok. I was a bit confused by the target on training peaks but the the “full gas” in the notes. This sounds fun!

Already got a segmented climb picked out that should be right at 3 minutes full gas, to say I’m pumped is an understatement! Lol

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Will the 3 minute work intervals start unprompted, or can I ride until I get to my designated area and then hit lap when I’m ready to start the interval?

If your load and run the workout on your bike computer it’ll follow that. Just memorize the intervals & rest periods scheduled and do them without loading the workout.


Right, I understand it will follow that. The other program I used you could ride as long as you wanted and the work interval wouldn’t start until you hit the lap button on your garmin. This was great, because it might take 20-40 minutes to get to the climb or section of road that you want to start the interval on. I could still start my workout when I leave the house, and just hit Leo when I get to the interval climb. If that makes sense.

I’m just wondering if that is how this will be, or will the workout automatically start after the prescribed 25min of z2 prior to the first work interval?

Just sitting on my couch I loaded a Tabatas workout onto my 1030. Started a “ride” with the Start/Stop button then pressed the Lap button. It skipped to the next section. Kept pressing the Lap button and it would keep skipping to the next section.

I have no idea how TR’s works or much of anything else about this since I did intervals by memory. Load some workouts and see if it’s what you want.


Thanks for checking, been a busy day and I haven’t had access to my garmin. Appreciate your input, and checking this out.