My CX Training Plan Bundle

Answering a question that we received from Mark about his CX training bundle plan.

"I have the cyclocross training plan bundle. I’m currently on the last week of the “6 week cyclocross sweet spot” plan. I’m on the Advanced plan and been fulfilling all my workouts.

I have two questions, that I thought would be better as an email than in the forum.

  1. With the bundle, I get a single 30 day trainingpeak subscription only. This seems short because if I were to buy each plan individually, I would get a 30 day subscription for each plan. Is it possible to get the Trainingpeak subscription through you for the remainder of the bundle?
  2. I purchased the bundle on June 24th. When I set up all my workouts in Trainingpeaks, I only had access to download the “Peak for CX Nationals in Louiseville” (which was last years Nats). Is it possible that I will be able to download the revised plan for this year? This also makes me wonder if you made any changes to your in-season CX plans, that I should incorporate when I start my next 6-week block on Monday.
  3. On a similar note, I now notice there is a “Secret Training: Sept - Nationals” plan that I didn’t see in June. How is this plan different? Would it be better for me to switch?

Thanks for your help. I’ve been extremely happy with your programs so far. It is worlds better than my last coach (and a significantly better price). I’m looking forward to starting my season soon.



Morning Mark,

First, the 30 day premium subscription is something that we worked out through Trainingpeaks and it is only available once per user. You do not however need premium to access and use our plans, its simply a great tool.

Second, This years CX Nationals plan is in the works we are just waiting on specific dates to be announced (schedule within December 10th - 15th). Once we have that we can get that updated plan out to you with correct corresponding dates!

This does not change the in season plan as that is generic so that athletes all over the country can use it with race weekends and alternative workouts.

Third, The secret training is a good plan but for those that are time crunched and needing to make the most of the short time that they have. Since you purchased the advanced plan it sounds like you have a little more time to devote and play with.




Excellent. Thanks for the prompt and insightful response!

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I have a question related to this topic. I purchased the CX bundle recently and I see in TP that I only have access to the first 6wk portion of the plan. I would like to skip the first 6wk summer sweet spot and begin the 6wk to CX season portion, since we’re about 6wks out from the season. So, how do I go about this? I realize sweetspot is valuable, but I’m slightly behind in training due to relocating from CA to UT this summer. My base fitness is decent, certainly not where it would be had I just come off a 6wk SS period. I’m a long-time experienced racer with goals of a successful season from chasing USAC points to Nats. Thanks for the help!

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Just pushed those plans to you manually - click each link to accept the plan as they are only ‘good’ for the next 72 hours. Once USAC releases the details of Nationals in Tacoma this year we’ll update that plan (mainly which days which age groups race) and send that plan to you as well.

Good luck #FtFP’ing and hup hup!

The CX bundle schedules races on Saturday.

How should I modify the FTFP if all my CX races occur on a Sunday (vice Sat)?

Thank you.

Yea - you will need to adjust your plan and the make your openers be on Saturday and the off/rest day be Friday. Add zone 2 + skills to that Thursday (that was previously off)

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Copy all. Will do.
Thank you kindly, sir.

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