20 week Secret Training Sept thru Natz after 24 week Off Season CX Plan

I am in week #19 of the 24 week Off Season CX Plan. My first race will be the 3 day Jingle CX on Sep 13. My target is Nationals (65+ cat) and calculate that to be 18 weeks from my finish of the Off-Season plan on August 11th.

I’m considering the 20 week Secret Training Sept thru Nationals plan. Would that include the 6 weeks to CX, CX intervals, CX Race & Recover, and 6 weeks to Peak for CX Nationals? I think that adds up to 24 weeks, but like I said it looks like I would have 18 weeks. Could you comment on how the 20 week “bundle” would differ from doing the “normal” 6 week progression of CX plans?

Thank You very much, and also thanks for answering my earlier question today about Over/Unders. I agree it’s much easier to modulate the power on a hill.

Have a nIce Fourth.