Mtn Bike Nationals

Looking forward to Nationals here in Colorado this year. Two questions:

  1. Which one of your training programs would optimize training between now and then for Mtn Bike Nationals.
  2. What would be the best way to shift training around a 2-week Fiji vacation from June 15th-July 1st and still be somewhat prepared for Nationals at the end of July?

Hi Joan - this post reminds me of the time I asked an athlete if he could bring a trainer on the boat :wink:

You definitely want to do our xc intervals plan especially if there is more punchy climbing in Winter Park a la the traditional xc courses.

I haven’t seen the course profile yet… but if its heavy on the climbing - like traditional CO XC courses that go up to the top of the ski lift from the base (> 20 minute climbs) then you want to do our hill climbing plan.

Both of those can be found on our MTB plans page here:[163]

With regards to your FIJI trip - that is rough (lol) but I’d just start your plan and factor in the 15 days. leaving 1/2 the plan beforehand and 1/2 after - line it up in your TrainingPeaks calendar around the trip. You can do the Nino’s workouts on the boat or beach!

Great info - I have both of those plans already and will set it up as you describe! I’m hoping they put a course description/schedule out soon.

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