Race and training question

ive already began thinking about my important series of NICA races from late August through late October, about a race every other weekend, and was wondering if I should do the six-week mtb plan to lead me up to my first race and follow that with the Mtb in session, or is that too many intense intervals for too long? or should I just start Mtb in season and not be in the super good forum for the first and maybe second race. its really hard cause I want to perform really well at all the races, so the best idea I have is to be in a peak forum by the first race then try to maintain forum with a little bit of intensity but not necessarily trying to build more fitness, is that a good approach? i know its e very complex question, i will defiantly consider getting the monthly coach subscription come the time but thought i would just ask now to get some kind of an idea to ease my mind. ive been thinking way too much about this :joy: ps the 10-week weight plan has been awesome and i can already tell Iā€™m going to be flying this year!