Intervals and Outdoor riding

Hi Loving the 32 week plan so far and enjoy seeing those green lights in TP. I have also been impressed by the support on the forum
I have a couple of questions

  1. I have a 4x8 MTI session coming up with 45 mins at Zone 2 either side making it a 2 hr 30 session.
    Its great weather here in London at the moment and I really want to get outside. Finding a road near to do the intervals is difficult. I have been doing these intervals on the turbo.
    Any ideas? I was thinking of stacking up the Zone 2 outside and then hitting the turbo at the end.

  2. its beautiful weather here at the moment and the countryside will be looking great. I have a 2 hr zone 2 ride on the schedule the day after. I want to FTFP but would also love to make this a 4-5 hour ride. I have a rest day the next day. How bad would this be?

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Exactly @andrew1 - do your fun, enjoyable zone 2 ride beforehand and then come back home, prop the bike up on the turbo and do your MTi’s to #FtFP.

Riding longer when the weather is lovely is fine especially since you have a rest day after. IOW you’ll recover from the extra riding and less likely to mess the training plan up downstream - go for it!