MTB Marathon Plan Score Values

I notice when i have added the MTB Marathon plan it will show the graph over time in the performance management area that will show the estimated CTL/ATL and TSB. The problem is some of the prescribed numbers in the workouts are almost impossible to hit. For example a 5 hour ride at .90 IF with a 405 Score is almost impossible to hit and thus it throws off this number. I am not sure who can ride at .90 IF for 5 hours unless you are a super high level cyclist. Are these numbers provided in the plan accurate? I mean a 5 hour ride at .80 would be pretty difficult but also doable. I know several racers that over the course of a marathon or epic race race at about a .7-.75 IF. I understand you need to push yourself to get better but also some of the long ride numbers do not seem realistic.


Hi @jeffstick - I think you are referring to the infamous Week 3, Day 20 "

Yea, that is definitely hard and we mean to push you. My suggestion is to ride as hard as you can and see what you can do. This is more or less a race simulation ride and we are assuming you will be climbing alot. If you don’t have climbs handy my recommendation is to sweet spot as much as possible.

Good luck and report back to us here how you do :muscle: