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I’ve done a handful of different FasCat training plans this year at the “Advanced” level and felt this is the best my fitness has been in 5 years, but of course I’d like to go even faster. I had some great results, but need to move up a place or two to podium at Nationals. Looking already into next year I was putting together a rough ATP and see the TrainingPeaks suggested average weekly TSS around 770-960, while #FTFP ing the highest TSS I saw this year was 928 and I only averaged 705. Is it possible pumping up these numbers would get me where I’d like to go or is it more likely plan timing and race-like training specificity, while not necessarily modifying TSS?

This year leading into MTB Marathon Nationals I felt a little more endurance focused and not quite sharp enough, it’s no Leadville and the climbs are short and I finished in 3:40:00. I feel like a few XC MTB intervals may help, because next year will likely be even shorter without so much mud.

I suppose the answer to this may be to sign up for the coaching subscription and I’m planning on it, but I’m curious if I should expect a greater TSS?


More TSS can be better, but it’s a matter of what type of effort are you doing to get that TSS and if you are able to recovery from that extra amount. If you add work to each day by the end of the week are you able to complete the workouts at the proper intensity? Are you able to get through each 3 week build? So you don’t want to be adding work in the first days of a training cycle and come the end you are cutting back because you are too fatigued. Our advance plans are a pretty high workload as is.

You’re on the right path looking at your goals and thinking in terms what will help your target event. Looking at 3:30 - 3:45 race getting in more intensity would be better. You can ride at a high intensity for that duration compared to a true endurance event that maybe 6 - 12 hours in duration. So you would be better served with a training plan that is race specific intensity 6 weeks leading into the event. Prior to that is when you will build your CTL. If you increased your peak CTL by 5 - 10 TSS that would be a pretty good increase. Ideally hitting that peak 3 weeks out from your event. During the base period you would be looking at adding zone 2 time and maybe a bit of sweet spot to get that extra TSS. Maybe 30 minutes of zone 2 for a couple of rides.


mpalmerd - for sure bulding up your weekly average TSS to 900 and more will improve your CTL, but consider if you have enough recovery to make it happen. In my coaching experience it needs around 9-10hours of sleep per night and includes individual diet, supplementation, massage and physiotherapy. Especially if you want to maintain it for the long time (>12 weeks).

My recommendation would be to include more intensive trainings and build up your IF of single workouts before main event (around 10 weeks, power build period). It would include:

  • submaximal efforts on short climbs
  • bursts to improve lactic acid tolerance
  • build up your shape by including more races of C/B priority to build high intensity training
  • rest enough between structured, high-intensive workouts specific to event name
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Glad you asked this as I was looking at Marathon Nats and the climbing profile thinking “XC” plans might be more appropriate.