Injury last week strength plan

Hi there

Was going to start my 10th and final week of the strength training plan, but wasnt feeling well and diagnosed with shingles and advised to take a rest. Was feeling loads stronger before getting sick already with PRs on short sprints.

I missed the last two weekends of rides in the strength plan plus the last two power sessions and workouts.

I was due to start my 18 week sweetspot next Monday but need to also take next week easy.

What do you suggest I do once recovered. I guess i will be able to do some light training by Wed next week to get back into the swing of things.

Do i finish the last week strength plan or move to sweetspot




Sorry to hear about your shingles, I hope you are on the mend.

With the intensity of the final week of the strength program between the sprints and the lifts, I would focus on giving your body time to ease back into training and then move your focus to the 18 week sweetspot plan.

Feel better!


Hi thinking of starting the sweetspot training plan. Had an FTP of 189 before starting the strength training and then getting shingles so I assume this will be a lot lower now when i do the initial FTP test.

Question: Do i start with the new FTP and then do another test after a few weeks? My guess is that it will start increasing once i start training regularly again, so wouldnt want the level of training to be too low for 18 weeks.


Ideally you do start with a FTP test to get a good baseline set and then once you see in the data that you are getting stronger (RPE and HR decoupling per the power) you can then test again to keep the zones correct. Your fitness will likely increase quickly yes, but this way you are eliminating guesswork.

Hi, happy to report that I did my FTP test before starting my sweetspot training and it had not changed even though ive been off the bike for 3 weeks due to illness.

That base weight training programme I did mustve helped increase my power output, never managed to get an FTP done in between finishing base training and today so guess FTP mustve increased during this period and come back to my previous FTP during the period whilst sick.

Is this possible or can you think of any other possibility.

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I think that is very likely the case @Rockdel! The Strength and Power phases of the lifting plan couple neuromuscular sprint intervals and standing starts to the gym workouts which transfers the speed specific gains from the gym to the bike. Aka improve your power output :slight_smile: