Broken Bike Disrupts Training Plan; Film at 11

Hey there. Probably for Coach Jake, as he is usually all over my training questions. :slight_smile: I’m in my first rest week of my Intermediate 18wks of SS (Yes, Year 2! Yay!). I was supposed to do my Tempo 3x12 today, and my SS 2-hr Group Ride on Sunday. Unfortunately, my bike shifter jammed last night. Long story short, I won’t get the bike back until tomorrow afternoon.

Would it be best to:

  • Skip the Tempo 3x12 altogether and just do the 2-hr SS ride on Sunday?
  • Add on an hour of Z2 or some tempo onto the Sunday ride to make it a 3-hr ride?

Thanks for all the FasCat team does!


Looks like I beat Coach Jake to it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Sorry to hear bout your bike, that is always a bummer. Thankfully it was a quick fix!
Go ahead and add an hour to that ride on sunday, or simply repeat the SS group ride from last saturday where the target TSS was 165.

Excellent. Thanks for the help, Lacey!

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