Training Question SS3

Supposed to do Tempo Bursts 2x10 today and Sweet-Spot Over Unders 4x4 tomorrow. Today was a rest day, fatigued and lack of sleep last night. So…tomorrow do I skip Tempo (55TSS) and complete the SS Over-Unders (85TSS)? Should be good to go and 100% ready. Thanks.

Sometimes just because you are fatigued doesn’t mean you don’t train nor follow the plan. That’s a bad habit to get into. What you have to adjust is why you were fatigued and do your best to not let that get in the way of your training in the future.

Get back on your plan tomorrow, honor your rest day Friday (presuming) so you can do good training this weekend.

Hope the helps, #FtFP :slight_smile:

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Thanks Frank. Fortunately, over the past 12-14 weeks this probably the second time I didn’t get the planned workout in. Yesterday was just “life” happening, I woke up and immediately realized the 75 minutes of sleep would benefit my daily work responsibilities more than the workout. I am good to now, and ready to hit it again in the morning. Will rain forecast this weekend, I will likely need to do the 3hour SweetSpot ride on Friday. Likely will be a 5-6 hour ride of Endurance-Tempo-SWEETSPOT with new carbon hoops. Looking forward to it. :wink: Thanks again.