Long training layoff...where to begin?!

Hello…just curious of which training plan to begin all over again unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face:
This past spring I utilized the SS 1, 2 and 3 plans and had a CTL of around 80 before all of the spring gravel and road races were canceled. I was one of those people who just stopped training all together (work during covid was crazy stressful)…and only rode occasionally here and there throughout the summer.
Now I’m looking forward again with renewed motivation for 2021, and with a nice strong CTL of 14 . Lol

Just curious of which program and where to even begin again after essentiallya 5-ish month layoff . Gravel, road and crits are what I participate in.
Thank you!

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Hey @kellrockets101! Starting from the ground up is tough, but the good news is that you are back at it (or about to be :wink:) and the only place to go is up!
Undoubtably you will want to do our 32 week off season plan. That is what will give you that huge bump in your CTL, increase your power output and set you up for a heck of a 2021 season!

What is even better… Since you already have SS’s 1-3, you will just need to get the fall foundations plan and the 10 week resistance training plan..

The fall foundations plan is done first, followed by the resistance plan (no rest week needed) and then you’ll roll into the 18 weeks of sweet spot (aka SS’s 1-3).