Long/Endurance rides?

I’ve been doing the weightlifting + base plan in preparation for a 24 hour race I’ve got in June. My plan is to continue with sweet spot 3 and intervals after I’m done with this in February. My question is this: where do I put the long rides in my in training? Surely I’ll need more than 3-5 hour long rides if I plan to ride for 22/24 hours…

I’ve got the basic plan now, which is too easy, so I’ll switch to intermediate with the subsequent plans, in case you were wondering

Hi @sarawheeland - presuming you work a normal M-F schedule, Saturday is the goto long ride day.

You can simply edit the 3-5 hour ‘long’ ride days out longer. I’d caution you about doig any other than #FtFP’ing Nov - Feb. Timing is everything:

As you get closer to your 24 hour race incorporate simulation rides 6-8-10 hours and so forth much like we describe with our gravel simulation rides:

Thanks Frank! Would you recommend following sweet spot + weightlifting with sweet spot 3 then intervals or the gravel plan and just adjust the Saturday long rides on either plan?? I can’t find the original email you sent…

I would recommend doing sweet spot 2 after the weightlifting + base and then complete sweet spot 3. Weight lifting + base is sweet spot 1. Then you could do the gravel plan. This way you do get the long Saturday simulation rides. Like Frank says as the time get closer you will need to do the longer rides.

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