Gravel Worlds Long Voyage

300 miles of gravel on August 25-26. What plan(s) does FasCat recommend to prepare for this marathon gravel event? How many hours of riding for my longest days leading up to the event?

I’m working through 18 Weeks of Sweet Spot, SS Polarized & Gravel Grinder Intermediate leading up to Unbound 200. After a rest I’ll complete the Steamboat plan & ride the 100. The Long Voyage is the next weekend.

Should I scrap the Steamboat plan & use the 11 weeks between Unbound & LV for some other FasCat plan? I’m going to take advantage of the CO altitude, mountains & extensive gravel roads for my preparation.

Hit us up in Optimize @samueltobias - personalized Coaching advice is included!

Also we discontinued our 18 weeks of sweet spot plan when we redesigned it into our 16 weeks of sweet spot plan

The 16 week plan differs from our previous 18 weeks of sweet spot plan in the following ways:

  1. It is shorter by 2 weeks, allowing more time to switch from “base to race” in preparation for the season.
  2. It combines workouts from sweet spot parts 1 - 2. - 3 - 4 and includes some of our signature wintertime intensity workouts (completely new).
  3. The Periodization is different, following 3 weeks on, 3 weeks off from start to finish (ends with a rest week to set you up to be fresh for your next training plan).
  4. It has an added field test in the middle of the plan, as well as ones at the beginning and end.
  5. It has added Sweet Spot TSS Rides that can be done indoors or outdoors on a group ride/solo + includes Zwift instructions.
  6. New training tip content with Video Demonstrations added.

Thanks Frank. I’ll take a look at Optimize.

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Thanks @samueltobias - you kinda have a complicated ask but its 100% a part of our new subscription coaching

I did Gravel Worlds Long Voyage last year and i think i’ll do it a again this year.
I’m sure whatever plan they give you will work great, but i’d suggest adding in a training camp week or two if you can.
Last year to prepare for the long voyage twice i took a week off work and got in some big milage weeks. I think those helped a lot.
If you have any questions specific to Gravel Worlds Long Voyage I might be able to help, I live near there and ride those roads a lot.


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