Live Podcast on youTube about Traveling to Races & Packing your Bike , Thursday May 9th @ 11am MST

Hey all!

Just wanted to drop the link for tomorrow’s live show:

@FRANK and I will be podding about traveling to races either by air or in the car, and how to best plan and what to bring. Timely as we are headed off to the Haute Route this time next week!

Bring your questions, and we’ll see ya tomorrow.

Can’t wait to hear this one as I’ve got to get my bike from Ga to CA this summer for the California Death Ride.
Also, i have a question off this topic. I’m currently in the middle of the 6 week SS plan. My A ride is the California Death Ride in July. After the SS plan, I intend to start the CDR plan that Nadia released to Training Peaks. Before the CDR, I plan on riding the Assault on Mt Mitchell - 5/20 in the Asheville area - you guys should join us and the Blood Sweat and Gears ride in June.
How should I adjust my SS training to incorporate the AOMM ride coming up? It will be after the first recovery week of the SS training plan. Also, as this is a 103 mile ride, what is the proper way to approach the actual ride from a power prospective? Should I try to stay in Zone 2 for the first 75 miles of rollers prior to the serious climbing that takes place the last 28 miles? When it comes to the 28 miles of climbing at the end of the ride, I know the power required to make the 10-12% climbs will well exceed my FTP (140-160% of FTP is my estimate). As this portion takes 2-3 hours, can you tell me the best way to manage this part of the ride?

Many thanks for your great podcasts and training plans. The training plans and power meter have been a game changer for me. I’m so looking forward to seeing the great results I intend to reap.

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