The Right Message in the Podcast

Frank, thanks for this weeks podcast subject. It came at the right time for me. I’m usually a “ftfp” hardline. Today I was scheduled for openers before tomorrow’s ftp field test. A buddy texted and wanted to go ride MTB before we get hit with another blizzard in SD. Almost blew him off but went and had a plastic. PR’d a couple Strava segments. Bring in the snow cause my Wahoo trainer and Zwift are ready for tomorrow’s test and thanks to your message I don’t feel bad about blowing off the openers.


Happy to oblige and thanks for listening !

Have fun out there :muscle::rocket::leopard:

@Doc @FRANK I agree the timing was peachy. The day before I listened to it I had a 2-hour zone 2 (on one of the few nice days recently) and I took to a gravel route. I wrote in the post-activity comments “this isn’t the most conducive route for a zone 2 ride, but I figure sometimes there is more to this cycling thing than a smooth power line.” The next day the Big Cat confirmed it, and Isaiah agreed too in the comments. Keep crushing the miles Doc! Thanks, Frank, for the weekly motivation boosts and thoughts to ponder.

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