Levels 5 - 7 in group rides while on Sweet Spot Plan

The Sweet Spot 3 training plan includes a group ride on Saturdays with suggestions on how to get time in the Sweet Spot zone (riding at the front, off to the side in the wind.) Should I specifically hold back during the more spirited parts of a ride like hammering up hills and town line sprints?


If you are able to avoid those effort yes - because those are Zone 5 & 6 efforts. But do what’s require to stay with the group. You have the choice to not go for the city limit sprints :wink:

Don’t be the rider attacking the group and spicy’ing it up unnecessarily. We all know ‘those riders’. Sit in and focus on steady pulls that are ideally longer than normal at your sweet spot wattages.

For reference to others, this is the training tip @scott.wiesner is referencing: