Lap Button to Start an Interval

With another companies workouts I would download to my Garmin an interval wouldn’t start until I hit the lap button on my Garmin 530. This made it nice if I was doing a climb during the work phase of the interval then roll down hill during recovery. Maybe I’m not at the bottom yet or want to start the interval at a specific location. Am I missing something? Can it be added to the workout from Training Peaks? Don’t want to hit the stop button and restart because it pauses the timer. Hope my question is clear as mud.

I think that’s a feature the workout builder needs to include when creating the workout.

If you venture in the Garmin Connect workout creation tool, you might do something like “Rest, xyz W for 5 minutes” and then a “Rest until lap key press” step.

This is to say… I don’t think it’s something you can add with a single button press with the TP or Garmin tools. You’d have to, say, recreate the workout in Garmin Connect, put in the button press steps, and then upload it to your Garmin.

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In your workout view, tap on the blue workout structure to view the steps and you can turn that feature on per-interval as desired and it’ll sync to your Garmin


That’s exactly what I’d like to see. Just need @FRANK ti build it in to the workouts in the plans.

Oh sweet. It’s literally a button press!

You will need to make that change yourself in the workout because its a user preference option. Some prefer some prefer not. We just design the plans and workouts :slight_smile: