Garmin: Pause workout while timer keeps going?

Hey crew, quick question about doing workouts outside using the Garmin (830 in my case). Is there a way to pause the workout without pausing the timer/recording? For example, riding to the CX course or hills during the warm-up but not quite there when the warm-up is done. The Garmin goes to the next interval, but I’d like to pause the workout, then resume the next interval when arrive at the right spot. The only way to pause the workout that I could find is to pause the Garmin.

Thanks in advance.

In Training Peaks you can change each step of the workout to end when you press the lap button which should let you start the next interval when you get to a suitable point on the course.

I’ve only used it for the warm up to a session whilst im riding to where I want to start the session but it should work for each interval if you click on the slider in TP

(Im asuming you are linking the TP workouts to your Garmin)

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On the 530 you start on the default workout page:

Default Workout Comparison

and press the upper right button, scroll down one to “Pause Step” and press button. Once paused it will keep recording and this is the screen while in that state:

Pause Step

which allows you to resume. If its going to be a long time, I can click the back button and select another workout page. Eventually I need to get back to the first screen I posted in order to “Resume Step.”

Guessing on the 830 you need to be on the default workout data page as I posted above, and then tap the screen to “Pause Step”

Thanks @paul117, good to know. And this leads me to another question. Once the Garmin has received all the workouts, do you know if edited workouts are sent. Meaning if I edit it on TrainingPeaks, is there enough exchange between Garmin Connect and the device to know a change has been made? The reason I ask is that I would like to add a manual pause for the warm-up section. Barring that, I’ll use the advice below to pause the workout.

Thanks @bsquared, I’ll check out that screen on the 830. It’s a new concept for me to structured workouts outdoors, but now that I understand how the Garmin handles it I find it quite fun. I’ll look for that “pause step” option during my warm-up today. The rides where I need to pause for a while longer the weekend routes that take 30-40 minutes to get to the hills.

Worked good, using the pause option on that menu. On an 830 it’s a pain to access on a bumpy / gravel roads but manageable. Good to be able to pause the step but still ride on.

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