Ftp Test Questions

Finally bought my first plan last week and couldn’t be more stoked. Doing the 32 week plan and I’m on the 1st day of the Fall Foundation

Getting ready to do my very first ever ftp test tomorrow and have a question. I use a Garmin Edge 530 and will be using that to record. When I start the workout, do I need to do anything besides recording the full workout as I perform it from start to finish?

I seem to recall in one of the podcasts that I should push the lap button at the start of the 20 mins and again at the end. With this being my first time doing this, and using the Edge with a preloaded workout, I don’t want to take the chance on messing anything up.

Also, I know this is probably different with each person, but what data fields should I be looking at on my Edge?

I usually have 3s power as one, but I’m wondering if I should use 10s, or both?

I’m sure I have other questions but will ask them as I go.

Thanks! Mike

Hi Mike!

Thanks for purchasing our plan! It will work great. All you need to do is FtFP!

So for the field test you don’t need to actually hit lap. You can if you want and that makes it easy to find afterwards. However with the field test you can just look at TrainingPeaks after and pick out your peak 20 minute power. This should be the ‘lap’ from the field test.

As for what to watch on your Garmin you really don’t need to watch much. Just lap time so you know how much longer for each segment of the workout, power and heart rate maybe. Everything else is secondary but can be important like TSS, average power, speed, distance, cadence and etc depending on the workout goal. I typically just go with 1 second power readings, 3 is ok but I wouldn’t do 10 second average.

Happy to have you and ask any questions you’d like!


Jake, thanks for the reply. Per your reply, I’m not going to worry about pushing the lap button and I’ll be able to pick out that segment in training peaks to find the average once it’s uploaded.

I’ll play around with adding a new screen too with different data fields to see what I like.

Thanks again.

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Welcome @mike4 - yea like Jake said as long as you give the test your best 20 minutes you’ll record everything you need to do the analysis post ride.

I personally do not even use the workout from TP on my bike computer so I can go old skool and position myself at exactly the right place on the road before I begin. As opposed to the pressure of getting there by the time the workout says so. Less pressure this way!

Here’s Coach’s Jake tutorial video :wink:


Thanks Frank! @FRANK Now that I see how TP works with the numbers loaded, everything makes sense.

I just got back and happy to report I survived the FTP test. So glad I finally got the numbers, they are so much higher than I ever expected. Starting out at an FTP of 300 after the calculation. As my first FTP test, I’m happy with the numbers but I’m definitely looking to increase that after the upcoming gym time.

I have a question, when I loaded the workout on my Garmin, I performed the “workout” using the Welcome to FasCat Training plan instead of the one that says Field Test: 20 minuter. The workout saved and uploaded but it put it under the first one of the day, meaning the workout that has the zones with the warmup didn’t turn green. Can I fix this, or should I even worry about it? Could I delete the workout in TrainingPeaks and upload the file to the correct workout?

First of all congrats on the field test! Sounds like you banged it out of the park! Just wait till after you put in a. full base and some intervals. Then you should see some nice improvements! But not only in FTP but overall fitness, ability to recover, the number of hard efforts you can make and etc.

You should be able to download the power file off the wrong workout to your computer. Then you can upload it to the correct workout. Once you do that you can delete the Welcome to FasCat as you don’t want to two workouts on the same day that are the same.

So click on the workout > file > download. Then click on the FTP test workout > file > upload the workout you downloaded. You should be set then.

Could also unpair the workout then drag and drop it onto the correct workout too.


I must have missed that feature. Rock on! Thanks!


learn something new everyday!


just to clarify, that is NOT available on the mobile app.

Use a computer or your mobile web browser. I had to Unpair on Saturday after picking up my bike on Friday as the shop closed. Here is what it looks like on my iPhone:

Geared up for a cold :cold_face: 3 hour ride and had to turn back! Unpair to the rescue!

Hey guys, thanks for all the replies. I figured it out. Neither one showed green like they had been completed, so I couldn’t unpair anything because it wasn’t paired yet. What I ended up doing was dragging them to pair together and now I have 1 Field Test and it is now green.

Thanks for the help. I’ll test with today’s workout and see how it goes.