Just about to start my first sweet spot with FasCat

So I’m a triathlete (sprint/Olympic) but no races so I wanted to find a goal. I’m gonna Shoot for a 5km run PB, Training hard and going for a sub 17:50 time. After that in Middle of July I’m gonna do Sweet spot 1 as I will compete in road and Crit racing on Zwift into the Fall and take a break from running. Or I may run too not sure busy Dad blah blah.
I guess my question is I’m used to Trainer road
Base - build - Specific . My running base is solid and my HR is super low so I feel solid to jump into plan. Sorry but my question is FastCat system sort of like maybe do Sweet 1 then 2 then a specific plan more to what you want to do i.e. race .
I have taken a lot from the podcast and literature and the last masters podcast spoke to me like crazy!!! So I want to support FasCat and give it a go. Also my FTP test will be done inside. This is life at the moment. Thx for any help or general suggestions.

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