Is the goal TSS or time?


Pretty new to FasCat and I’m finishing the week 3 of the 6 week Indoor Basic plan. I have a question on the 2 hour Freestyle SS sessions. Last week I did 2 hours and exceeded the TSS significant(+30). I see in the notes it says you can also do it shorter if you hit the TSS so I m wondering what should be the main goal? Staying on the bike for 2h (and go easier) or stop once TSS has been reached?

Thanks and love the plan so far :slight_smile:

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Nice work , the short answer is yes to both.

What you want to make sure of is that your FTP is set correctly bc if your threshold is set too low it will artificially inflate your TSS values.

On the other hand you may have just crushed your ride and achieve some extra credit tss which is a good thing :grin:

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Thanks, yeah I think my FTP is correctly set as it fits with all other workouts.
So basically the message is do 2 hours with a minimum of x TSS and if you are short on time just do the TSS :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m new to FasCat too, and I don’t read it like this. I think the prescription is to do xTSS within the hours prescribed, but, in the blog he states “The key and the biggest technique I point out to athletes is to not exceed one’s sweet spot.” So, I think he’s saying that within the given 2 hours, you should be aiming for xTSS, not that x is the minimum. Exceeding x substantially would then not be recommended, because you would be going into zones higher than SS if you’re staying within the 2 hours, and the goal is to stay in SS or lower, but aim for x.

Is that right @FRANK?

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Thanks Pbase!
I was reading the blogs too and somehow it is still not very clear to me what the real target is.
I did today another of those 2 hours (101TSS) sessions. Notes say for example 45min in sweet spot but they also say try to get 100 TSS in the SS zone which also indicates that this session is targeting a much higher TSS than 101.
Today I stopped after 1h 45min because my legs had enough and the kids were hungry :smiley:
Anyway I was trying to target SS zone as prescribed and now looking on TP I spent 56min in SS Zone and had a total workout TSS of 121. So again 20% more TSS with 15minutes less.
Is this now what it was suppose to be or should I have added those 15minutes and get an even higher TSS ?
I guess it is also important not to have too much TSS due to fatigue …
I probably overthink this entire thing but I want to FTFP :slight_smile:

I’m glad you asked. I thought I understood too, but your experience and question have me wondering. It will be interesting to hear what the coaches say.

Sometimes its hard to get the tss within the time allotted; other times its hard to ONLY get the tss within the time allotted. I’d say, just try to hit the targets and turn it green! There are some 1.5h SS rides with the same target as some 2h SS rides…they’re just different

A bump to see if we can get feedback from one of the coaches @FRANK ?

Left you feedback three days ago :muscle: ^^^


Hi @FRANK - see the posts after that please. We still aren’t clear. Thanks!

Hey everyone,

This article might help.

But in general, the idea of Freestyle TSS rides is that they’re a bit flexible! So don’t get too hung up on being overly exact.

  1. Definitely get in the TSS.

  2. If it’s a 2 hour Sweetspot TSS ride it’s because we think it’ll take you about 2 hours, if it’s shorter, it’s OK.

  3. It’s fine to go a bit over your TSS goal but not dramatically, if you do, that’s a sign you should have either gone a bit easier or stopped before 2 hours.

  4. If you’re finding it really easy to overshoot the targets then it’s a sign your FTP has gone up and you’ll need to test soon.

Hope that makes sense!


Thank you @Christian !

Crystal clear now :slight_smile: Thanks Christian!