HR and FTP values

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I am attempting SWEET SPOT PART 4: POLARIZED from Monday.

If may i kindly ask to check or direct me if my vaules are correct before i starting the new plan?
I had my FTP increased to (only) 193W (but started 154 i’m happy) and my Estimated maximum Heart Rate 172

Just trying to confirm where do i check if the Estimated maximum Heart Rate 172 is coming from?
I would like to double check if the values are correct

And as the power zones after the FTP change are correct?

I calculate it
Active Recovery 0 - 106 -55%
Endurance 108-145 - 75%
Tempo 147-174 - 90%
Sweet Spot 160 -187 - 97%
Lactate 176 -203 -105%
VO2 205-232 -120%
Anaerobic 234-290 -200%
Neuromuscular 190-infinite

Many thanks for all your support

Many thanks

Looks fine but you do have the Fascat spreadsheet that comes with the plan that will do it for you. Also Training Peaks does it for you under settings-zones-power, choose Andy Coggins calculations.

Max heart rate does not matter for these calculations, you use “threshold heart rate” for the zone calculations which is your average heart rate during your ftp test. Those can be done automatically in the spreadsheet and in TPeaks too.


Dear Theodore,

Much appriciated your quick response
I tried both before and provided me with two different sets of numbers
That is the reason i tried it manualy

But i will do it again and thank you :slight_smile:

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