Power and HR Zones


I just completed my FTP test to start my 18 sweet spots. I came down by 15 points, but I knew it was probably going to be down, but not too bad… Can you please check to ensure that my TP zones are set correctly. I filled out the spreadsheet and used the data to populate both power and HR within TP.


Yeah it all looks good! I did add the sweet spot zone to power. This way when you do sweet spot TSS rides you can look at a the zone distribution chart and see how much time was spent in sweet spot. I find this useful.

Looking at your heart rate and you averaged 169 bpm for the 20 minute effort and that falls in line with your peak 60 minute heart rate so that is spot on!

As for your power going down don’t worry about it. It is what it is. The good thing is that it was your second best 20 minute power number on the year! The first time you did the test you just had a ripping effort back in April! This is just a starting point and with training should come right back up.

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Awesome, thank you Jake!

Power, I am not too worried about since I came off using a coach around late summer without any races to utilize what I learned and achieved. After that, training was endurance and Tempo blocks with some harder workouts sprinkled in. I am happy with where it’s at since it will go up. I would like to retest in about 7 weeks or so. Can I do this?

Im a bit more upset with my HR, I should have been in the mid 170s or even higher. FTP tests are total mind mess… And the mind is the enemy during these efforts… Overall I felt I could have done better, but its a data point to work with.

Thanks again!