FTP Calculation

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Can i kindly ask you to help me calculate my correct FTP





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202 FTP.

Take the 212 watt average for 20 mins and multiply by .95

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Hi allie,
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Do i do the same with the heart Avg 157x0.95 =150 ?

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No- take the 20 mins HR average value from your test, enter it into threshold HR field. Choose lactate threshold and Andy Coggins (5) and let it calculate for you.

"Setting HR Zones

Lastly to set his HR zones, we enter his average HR from his 20 min field test into the threshold HR field (remember, we do not subtract 5% for HR like we do for power). From there we’ll go into the auto calculation and choose “lactate threshold” for the type and Andy Coggins (5) for the method. Then we’ll add in the sweet spot zone manually between zones 3 and 4, just as we did for his power zones. Finally, we add in his HR zones that we calculated using the FasCat Zones Sheet into each of those HR zones and we are done!"


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