FTP - HR Discrepancy



I’m looking for some clarification on my training settings please, as I am a little confused as to what settings to train to:
Up until the 11th January 21 I had followed your plans using HR settings only. On 11th I did my first ever FTP test, which gave me a 276W FTP and a threshold HR of 158bpm.
When using the Excel sheets provided to then calculate Sweet Spot settings, it gives me a HR for Zone 2 of 109-131bpm, which is in contrast to Training Peaks giving 133-144bpm.
The Sweet Spot calculator also shows a Zone 2 power zone of 210 to 248W; but there is no way I can sustain that wattage while keeping under 131bpm. You will see this from the Sweet spot and Tempo sets I did this week.
In summary:

  • if I follow the Sweet Spot power settings, I burn out;
  • If I follow the Sweet Spot HR settings I feel like I am not working hard enough;
  • The Training Peaks HR zones feel about right, but possibly a little high if the Zone 2
    is to be classed an ‘all-day’ effort.
    Could you please review my HR/Power performance and advise on the settings I should be following going forward with the plans?



I’m sure one of the coaches could check your settings but I can say that that power zone looks very high.
Zone 2 is endurance which is 55-75% of ftp, which I think tops you out at 208 watts.

Based on the spreadsheet and FTP of 276, zone 3 would be 210-248W, not zone 2. Zone 2 would be 155-207W.