How to start Training for Garmin DK 2021 today

Like everyone else, all my races have been cancelled. So now I’ve got 50 weeks before my next scheduled event Garmin DK (or new name to be announced).

I’ve been doing TrainerRoad plans and thought I’d try Fascat for a change. Based on TR I’ve been doing TSS around 400-600/week. My FTP using 8min test and ramp test is around 260, im 5’11” and weigh 163. Oh and I’m 53. My goal for DK is to beat the sun.

If I did the full 32 week resistance plus base (32 weeks) and gravel (6 weeks), I’ve still got 12 weeks to fill. What is the best approach? Should I just start the resistance plus base (with the assumption life gets in the way and schedule gets through off)? Or is there another plan or two I should start now?

Any thoughts from the Fastcat team or others would be appreciated.


Hi @sandy.draper - you are on the right track and I’d insert sweet spot part 4 in there. So the complete 44 week progression would be

32 week Off Season

Sweet Spot Part 4

Gravel Plan

Hope that helps! And yes that is only 44 weeks so you are allowed some ‘life’ weeks plus also a 1-2 week taper leading into the DK!

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Hey Frank, I just made the connection that I was your tennis coach at Baylor back in the day! Would love to connect. Shoot me an email: Small world. Maybe we will run into each other at a gravel race…DK 2021?


Mr. Draper - wow, that is awesome! Probasco Hall. Very small world.

For sure hope to run into you at DK 2021 :crossed_fingers:. Will send you an email offline -

haha, I played Baylor a few times in the 80s, Riverdale H.S. Murfreesboro