Weight Lifting - Required Equipment

I’m looking to start the 32 week off-season training plan to make some gains. I started this season off at 2.9 W/kg and with some sweet spot and training rides I’m over 3.3, now with a goal to smash that! I have a CrossFit and Olympic Lifting background, so integrating weight lifting is appealing, so I don’t get too soft.

What equipment is required to follow the weight training portion of the plan?

Sorry yea, this copy is buried in the weight lifting training tip:

> Focus on three primary lifts: the squat, the leg press, and the hamstring (leg) curl. The hip thrust may be added for athletes with prior weight lifting experience.

I’ll edit that now, thanks!

Thanks @FRANK! I’m not a member of a gym, just have a home gym with a squat rack. Do you have alternative movements that could done in the absence of machines (leg curl and press)?

I do not, sorry - the leg press is so good that in my opinion there is no substitute .

I know this bc two winters ago I tried kettlebells as a sub and just didn’t see the same benefit as this winter with the leg press added back in.

That makes sense, Frank, and I totally get why machines might produce superior results. However, if one is completely allergic to public gyms and would like to use free weights, swiss ball, etc. at a home gym, is there a resistance training plan available that would provide some benefit?

Thanks in advance!

I also share the same allergy towards globo gyms.

As I’ve said before:

I’ll circle back to your goals - what are they? Do you want to get faster? Do you have a challenging goal?

Well … then … get over your aversion to gyms , go for your goals and work hard - improve and maybe you’ll accomplish your goals. I think you will be very pleased with the results.

But to put up a wall “I can’t, I won’t” - you’ve already lost. What we do is hard. The Crusher is the hardest 68 miles you’ll ever ride and I think your training needs to step up to meet that challenge.

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Ha ha, yes, Crusher was one of the hardest bike races I’ve done for sure. I was prepared and did well. But, I think resistance training is essential for women 40+ and would it help my racing next year? Yes, most likely. So…I haven’t ruled out the gym!

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