How much distance between us riding?

The pictures say it all. The study says we should be 20 meters…


In the UK we are advised to only cycle with people who you live with and keep two meters distancing when passing. Personally when I have been out I have been riding solo and keeping distance on everything.
Luckily the lack of cars mean I can safely cross sides of the road and keep everyone safe; I’ve always thought the heavy breathing of cycling will carry particulate further.

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I think this article is the same study Chris Froome tweeted. It is a news report of an unpublished study using a computer simulation. Here’s an analysis of the article, including comments from the lead investigator

I’m not knocking the study. I’m not an epidemiologist, mathematician or physicist. As the Vice article notes, there isn’t enough information about how the simulation was run, what assumptions were made, etc, for scientists in relevant fields to do that…

FWIW: I agree with Adam’s approach. If you don’t live together, don’t ride together. I try to give other cyclists, pedestrians and runners as much room as possible - at least 2m/6’.



Thanks, Andy. Good to know. Everyone I know had already applied common sense to riding close. If 6’ is the rule standing still to try to stay safe, then with the speeds we travel, we need more distance. Our “blowback” is going to have a longer hang time and is more likely filled with more moisture (especially with our running noses and coughing from allergies too!) Being right on the wheel of a hard-breathing cyclist with my mouth wide open, sucking air doesn’t seem like common sense.

All group rides in my area are cancelled and very, very few are riding together.