Group Rides in Covid Era

Just wondering what is everyone’s thoughts on group rides in this period of time? I’ve been riding solo since early March, would like to join my regular group rides (normally a group of 10-20 local riders) but given all our local races are cancelled i continue to be somewhat concerned about transmitting/getting Covid from someone on our group ride. Of course no one would knowingly go out on a ride with the virus but am wondering if i am being too cautious and should just get back in the saddle. I know i’m i chronic over-thinker but am just wondering what the groups thoughts are or any precautions they have taken if they have resumed group rides.
OverthinkingOscar :grin:

Hi @jusmooit yea group rides are the BIG existential question but I think you a #1 want to defer to what the public health authorities are recommending.

Then consider everyone you come in contact could be asymptomatic and therefore be contagious. Then decide who you trust that has been social distancing. I personally would not go on a public open group ride with others who I don’t know.

You may have a small group of 2-3 others that you know well and trust and can do small group rides with. But large open public group rides are a) risky and b) may be not allowed. Check with your local racing association too.

Remember: the best way to ensure you don’t spread the virus nor catch it is to ride by yourself.


Thanks, confirms what I was originally thinking.