An SOS from Melbourne Australia - Stage 4 lockdown

H guys,

We received from grim news from local government today. We have been informed due to our Covid 19 numbers on the rise after a second wave outbreak we can not exercise more than 5km from home and not more than an hour.

These restrictions are in place for at least 6 weeks.

Given these conditions I would be interested in feedback to maintain or reduce the the reduction in fitness.

I have a wind trainer but may look to get a smart trainer and Zwift.


Hi @sam
I also live in Melbourne and am in the same boat as you…
I’d thoroughly recommend getting yourself a smart trainer, like a TacX Neo 2.0 or Wahoo Kickr, if you can get one, and a Zwift subscription.
There’s a large and supportive community and your Training Plan can be easily uploaded. You won’t be without a virtual friend and there are plenty of options for Group rides.
Good luck and Ride On! :+1:
Cheers Anthony

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Sorry to hear @sam - how long do you have for your event that you are training for?

We do have the one hour a day ‘corona plan’ that we designed back in March but may suit you know since it includes Zwift and workouts that do not exceed one hour:

Hi Frank

My plan was to pb some hills close to me in the Dandenong Ranges. They mostly are in the high teens / low 20 min time range.

I’d plan to start in 2-3 weeks time as am currently 4 weeks deep in the hill climbing plan on here.

I did devote a few weeks prior to the hill climbing plan to increasing my VO2 as progressed through the 3min, 4min & 5min sets you have outlined on here.

Current phase suggests I need to work my Supra Threshold power.

Before I outlay some bucks - can you use Zwift with a standard trainer and power meter? I think you just need a speed sensor and ANT to connect to your commuter.


I believe you may

And I know Coach @Jake Zwifts exclusively on this rollers and powermeter

Hey Sam!

Yeah I’ve used Zwift with just my rollers and Quarq powermeter for years. It’s a good investment and really helps with the indoor training.

If your powermeter is not Bluetooth you will need an ANT+ stick for your computer so it can read your powermeter. You will want to connect your powermeter and not your speed sensor as the speed sensor will inflate your speed on Zwift and that irritates a lot of other riders. They will let you know and can be a bit relentless.