How important is the Power Phase?

I am currently finishing off my 2nd week of Hypertrophy and will be planning to complete the Strength phase of my plan. Having said this, I have a B level Gravel Race on April 1st. Should I stick with 1-2 weeks of the power phase before starting sweet spot? Or shave the Power phase back to account of the upcoming race and start ftfping the sweet spot plan? Maybe there is a better approach?

The Power Phase it the MOST important of them all!

Tres tres important - all the work you’ve done up until the power phase goes into the power phase. Avoid skipping at all costs.

My suggestion is to #FtFP and make that B race a C race (one solution)

Thank you for the response. I just assumed, which isn’t always the best option. Follow the ‘efin plan Mike!!

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