How do I complete long intervals on rolling hills?

Hi FasCat coaching!

I recently moved from Salt Lake to Boston. I went from climbing canyons to riding rolling hills. Out here the riding is suited better for short VO2 max intervals, longer sustained 25 min climbing intervals are near impossible to complete. Do you have advice for how to complete these types of longer intervals given the terrain? And is there a training plan that is suited well for short high intensity intervals? Thank you!

Hi @rebekah.strobel -

No problem - you can use normalized power for long intervals > 15 minutes for the rolly terrain. If possibly try to avoid sustain downhills > 20 seconds. Concentrate on performing the interval effort and normalized power will take care of the rest!

For the NEW England area now you want to get into the VO2 and Anaerobic interval style of training found in our Road Intervals plan.

Hope that helps!

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